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I am probably one of the last people to realise this, but just in case you're not all doing it.........
When the water in your pond freezes, duckweed becomes trapped. If you break the ice and scoop it out, you greatly reduce any duckweed problems quickly and easily.



you shouldnt break the ice in winter it realy shocks the fish.very bad

9 Dec, 2008


No fish in this pond, but a good reminder

9 Dec, 2008


I disagree, I havn't harvested any of my Koi or goldfish from breaking the ice. Fifteen Years for gods sake. Fish are tougher than dying just when an animal breaks through their pond.

The duckweed trick is a good thought. Thank you and I will remember that.

9 Dec, 2008


i said it shocks only got 2 tap bye acccident and they all jump.the pond without fish
knock yourself out

9 Dec, 2008


you can always put a ball in the pond to stop it completely freezing, might be easier to remove some by just cracking the ice from the part not frozen, instead of banging just incase, and as for shocking fish, i have heard that too, but in all fairness i gues it would depend on how deep your pond is, and what it is made of? if you have a big pond i doubt it would effect them at all. smaller pond, made from fibre glass moulding might cause a problem, but i would imagine you would have to be banging pretty loud for it to kill any fish though. i have a bit on an amusing story though about duck weed, firsly am i right in thinking it is that green stuff that can completely cover the top? well anyway, going back to when dearly departed Buddy the dog was still a pub, i used to take him quite often over our local country park, and there was this little pond set back a bit surounded by trees, well it was completely covered in this stuff, and to be honest i don't think he realised at all that it was a pond, and went running straight into it, well the look on his little face! as he come up all covere in this green stuff,- it really was priceless lol i would'nt like to say who was more shocked the fish or Buddy lol

9 Dec, 2008


Thanks for the reminder. I did that for the first time last year. No Fish in now, all in Heron. A knock on the ice sometimes upsets the Fish's air bladder, causing it to swim on one side. Some years ago a Friend of mine had three Son's each one of which at some time or another stepped on the Duckweed, A sort of Baptism

9 Dec, 2008


Just the time to have your camera handy. Think duckweed monsters would make a great photo. Has anyone taken any? Mind you, probably too busy laughing.

9 Dec, 2008


or how much you care about your fish.i doubt very much if i give my dogs a good slap in the head every hour it would bother them physicly but its not the right thing to do.some people obviously look at a water feacture and thats all.i look at mine as a pet holder myself0

9 Dec, 2008


well as it goes sound travels further in water .hump back wales comunicate over 6000 miles so i dont think a few more feet depth will make any change.ill stick with the leaving my pump running idea .smash away skyline there your next time your in a tropical fish shop just start tapping on the tanks and see what the staff say

9 Dec, 2008

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