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Hello all. Some of you may have seen my first blog entry regarding my unknown vegetable plants. Well here are a few pictures of them. I would much appreciate any help in identifying them.
Many thanks.

Img0111a Img0110a



they look like sweetcorn judging from the larger leaves

20 Jun, 2011


The ones on the right in the first picture look like pepper seedlings, but they need to grow a couple of true leaves to confirm that. The clump on the right in the second picture look like parsley seedlings, but it is also possible that they are coriander. The clump on the left in the second picture is probably sweet corn, as Citygirl says. The two on the left in the first picture are too young for me to tell what kind they are, though others probably can.

21 Jun, 2011


Hi there,

I agree, they look like sweetcorn, peppers and parsley or coriander,

Happy gardening.

21 Jun, 2011


The first ones are pepper seedlings, the ones on the right on second photo are carrots and those on left are sweetcorn. They all need to be put out in the garden now, or they'll be too weedy to produce anything eatable. Good luck, Annie

21 Jun, 2011

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