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2 problem roses


By Cazcat

Morayshire, United Kingdom Gb

hi everyone i have a couple of roses they have made small amount of growth then absolutely nothing one looks quite deformed and has just a few funny little shoots what have i done or what should i do thanks



Please could you edit your question and add some photos of the "funny little shoots"?
Any chance of weedkiller drift?

20 Jun, 2011


And I'd add another question to Beattie's - are these roses in the ground, and were there roses there before?

20 Jun, 2011


And I would add, have you got drainage problems? to GOY Cazcat!

23 Jun, 2011


hi are these Pot mums or patio roses that you have transplanted into the garden. If they are they will take a while to recover.I know I have several in my border. I would give them some Top Rose now and then in October some good old horsey manure, well rotted of course. Then continue to give lots of TLC next year.

Top Rose should be given now to aid second flowering of roses, don't apply any later than June as this is too late for them to take up the fertilizer. (according to the pkt)

Sometimes, the deformity can be caused by very wet weather, or just poor soil, but as this is not a disease it will not prove fatal. Just cut out any unsightly bits.

If you look on my photo's you will see the afore mentioned roses in situ. Most of them were poor run down specimens which I bought for a few pence and continued to be so until we returned to UK to live last June. As you can see with TLC and perseverance they can thrive. But not overnight, they do need lots of good food and TLC just like our children & pets, but not as demanding.

Good luck - Roses grow on you.

24 Jun, 2011

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