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My new lawn

Me and the other half re-seeded our back lawn about 3 weeks ago. We had so many ridiculous quotes starting at £500 that we decided to do this not so big area ourselves. We left the original grass that was very very patchy and full of weeds in place. Levelled with lawn sand and added fertiliser and lawn seed. We did also remove all the weeds.

Now then after 3 weeks the lawn has started to take shape and I cut it today on the highest setting. The problem is that it is still very patchy and some areas especially around the edges has not taken. I really would love some advice on what to do now as I have never re-seeded a lawn and don't know what to expect.

Will the grass just become thicker and spread to the bald areas or should I re-seed or use patch magic or something? Here are some pics so you can see what I mean.

Woodland_007 Woodland_042 Woodland_046



What kind of seed did you use, Misscupcake? Some species will spread, while others won't.

20 Jun, 2011


Your lawn area looks very compacted from the photos. You need to aerate it with a spiking machine or tool. You could try a fork if you do not want to buy or hire one. After that I would re-seed, bit of sandy compost and feed the area.

The grass seeds do thicken over time.

If it is just that area of lawn, then £500 is ridiculous. 1 metre strips of lawn cost around £1-3 each, depending on source.

20 Jun, 2011


I would have left it a bit longer than 3 weeks before cutting it.
Have you watered it? Has there been rain?
Have birds been at your lawn? They love lawnseed :)

20 Jun, 2011


The areas round the edges that look the barest , I would dig lightly , rake and rake to remove all the stones, tamp it down level and smooth, rake very gently and then spread the seed. Then cover with a light covering of general purpose compost ( or wire netting or similar) so the birds don't eat all the seeds. Keep watering well. Good luck.

20 Jun, 2011


Tugbrethil - I used Johnsons tough grass lawn seed with fertiliser and lawn soil :O)

Kildermorie - I did as you said before reseeding and then didn't walk on it but it is still so compacted. I'll try and do it again and maybe a bit more regularly if it'll help? :O)

Donna - oop's I didn't realise I was meant to leave it longer. I was worried it was growing over as some bits were quite long due to the original growth that was there before. There was rain most days since we reseeded and yes there were loads of birds even though we put loads extra down and netting I think they still got at it the little rascals :O)

Inverglen I think I'll do what you said, maybe I should use shade grass for this area as it doesn't really get a lot of sunlight :O) PS: the geraniums are doing really well.

20 Jun, 2011


The grass will take, eventually in heavy clay. Mine was very patchy until spring, after being seeded late autumn. I would aerate the lawn as much as possible and do what Inverglen has said - you will get a good lawn in time.

20 Jun, 2011


Mine took a long time to seed and look ok...still needs tlc in lots of places.

20 Jun, 2011


Thanks Kildermore, I will try again and let you all know I get on :O)

20 Jun, 2011


Johnson's Tuffgrass includes Creeping Red Fescue, which will fill in, over time. I also would aerate the thin areas. If you use a fork, be sure to pull back on the handle after pushing it in, to rip and crack the soil a little, otherwise, the tines will compact the soil more, rather than aerating it. It would also be a good thing to use a slow acting organic fertilizer around 8 weeks after sprouting, to encourage the seedlings to grow runners.

21 Jun, 2011


Thanks Tugbrethil I will do that today. We actually have another tub of fertiliser left over so I could use that also. I'll be sure to let you all know how I get on. Its already a million times better than i ever thought it could be. I will have my dream lawn...............eventually :0)

21 Jun, 2011

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