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I have an Acer Palmatum 'Skeeter's Broom'. It is currently in a 14" container and the plant is about 1m in height. The foliage is rather light in colour just now and the roots now seem to fill the pot. I understand that this is a container palm but wonder if it should be potted into a larger pot or kept in the current pot. If it has to be potted on, eventually what size of pot will be required to hold the Acer.




Yes, it should be given larger pots as it gets larger - its a tree, albeit slow growing, and you may be best off putting it in a shady, sheltered spot in the border eventually, when it gets too big for even a very large pot. It's not related to palms in any way though.

19 Jun, 2011


It does not have to go into another bigger pot unless that what you specially want. It can go in the garden. It's not just for pots. And it looks to me more than ready for a lovely big well-prepared hole in the garden in a part- sunny position away from strong winds.

19 Jun, 2011


Thanks, guys. I think I will take your advice and pop it into a hole in the ground, just in front to where the pot is currently standing.

19 Jun, 2011

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