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Does anyone know where I can buy Populus tremuloides (American /quaking Aspen)?


By Rpim

United Kingdom Gb

does anyone know where I can buy Populus tremuloides (American / quaking Aspen)/ Thanks!

On plant Populus tremuloides



I'm sorry - Rpim - I have searched the RHS Plantfinder for you and also googled it, but with no success.

Failed miserably with this one! I hope someone else may come up with an idea to hep track it down.

5 Dec, 2008


I wish I could ship there. I grow them and have one-gallon trees up to 15-gallon trees, but I am in the USA.

As wonderful as these trees are, please remember that they can sometimes sucker and become a nuisance. By some accounts some botanists view one Quaking Aspen forest as the worlds oldest tree. There is another different species in Tasmania. Genetically speaking all of the ever growing original tree is identical to the first making them some of the worlds oldest trees..

6 Dec, 2008


We have them growing in the top corner of our field, on a Summers day when there is a breeze you can hear the leaves tremouring! they are suckering there and we keep them checked from spreading out into the field, I dont know where you can buy one and at this time of the year it would be hard to say with no leaves on if I was to dig up a sapling that it would be the Aspen, if you have no luck try me in the late Spring.

6 Dec, 2008


The only supplier I could track down was a seed firm in the USA. Their website is

6 Dec, 2008


Oh yes, on the leaves. Last week I was working at the Alton and Bita property and all the while there was the sound of leaves splashing to the ground. Oaks and Aspen definately belong in the garden if you want to hear foliar music.

6 Dec, 2008


Hi Andrew, you can try checking this website I hope you can find what you're looking for. :)

9 Dec, 2011

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