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Why have the outer leaves on my Happy Duo Hardenburgia have gone a pinky colour


By Delycia

Australia Au

This is a climber that has large green leaves and has two sets of flowers on the one vine - blue and white. I cannot find any info perhaps it is a new plant? It needs very little water once established but now the climbing branches are becoming brittle and the outer leaves are a pinky/yellow colour?



I don't know this plant but have just searched for pictures. What a gorgeous colour the flowers are! Plants sometimes change the colour of their leaves when they are stressed, ie.. too little water, cold, dry, hungry etc. If it is recently planted you will need to water it until it has established and sent down good roots. Cut off any dead branches and water and feed. It should respond to some tlc.

11 Dec, 2008


Thanks for the advise, have removed all dead branches, applied tlc and....hopefully all three plants will bloom this winter. Merry Christmas from Aussieland, everyone

20 Dec, 2008

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