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I have two Perovskia Atripicifolia 'Little Spire" plants planted 2 years ago next to my Day Lillies. The Day Lilly foliage has overgrown my Russian Sage plants to the point the Sage plants cannot be seen &/or not flourishing. I'm in Zone 6, can I transplant my Sage plants now (June/July) to a new area or should I wait until another time of year? If so, when is it best to transplant my sage plants?
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Indy's new gardener



I wouldn't attempt to transplant them now, I would wait until late fall, or early spring before they go into leaf. I have three which I planted last year and I did move one in late May but it still had the root-ball with which it came, ie it had not made new roots at that point. The best time to move most plants is as above.

One of mine is planted next to a daylily so, after reading your post, I shall reposition one of them this fall.

19 Jun, 2011


Hi, I agree with Clementine. I moved both of mine in April. Whilst they are still alive, they have suffered very badly and I'm just hoping that they will fully recover for next year.

22 Jun, 2011

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