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By Karenm

British Columbia, Canada Ca

I've gotten a couple of Daphne mezereum seedlings from the local garden show. Just wondering where to plant them. We're in zone 5, higher altitude in BC, Canada, everywhere in my yard has good drainage but sun is at a premium. I have a few spots -
1. beside the rock retaining wall - good soil, morning shade from the wall, a little dappled shade at noon from some tall trees in the neighbor's yard and full sun the rest of the day. No wind, deep snow cover in winter, flower bed is 3' deep.
2. On top of the rock wall. Poor soil, excellent drainage and more sun. Beside a private road but still fairly protected from wind.
3. North side of the garden - sun most of the day except for late afternoon/evening and very early morning. Good soil but competition from tree roots. First area to clear of snow in the spring. Beside grass so lots of room.
4. New bed by the fence. Have tried to improve the soil but still an unknown. Only an hour or two of direct sun but dappled shade afternoon and evening. Plenty of space but root competition from shrubs outside the fence. Protected with deep snow in winter.

Sorry this is so long, I keep reading how it doesn't like to be moved so want to get it right the first time.




Gosh, difficult to say, think I'd choose beside the rock retaining wall, though I'm wondering why its only 3 feet deep there, and whether that'll be enough soil. Biggest requirement is for humus rich soil, so dig in some composted manure or good garden compost or similar before planting it. Does not like to dry out, but quite likes sun.

24 Jun, 2011

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