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How do I prune a Cotinus Obovatus Americano Tree

United Kingdom

The tree is close to the house and hedge, I cannot let it grow too big, it has long slender branches from this year, and some very small shoots.

On plant Cotinus Obovatus



I would leave it alone for now. My own heavy pruning was finished in Oct. Spring pruning to deal with straggly or weak growth can begin in March. Other than that I have pruned it throughout the summer months.

Severe pruning can keep the plant size down, but do it in stages. No more than a third of the plant a year. Thus you can keep a bushy plant rather that a ten footer or more.

This is one plant that is sold as a bush all too often. People are surprised when they find out they can become small trees some 10 ft. high or more.

Verticillium wilt is a potential problem with this tree, so sterilize your shears before and after with alcohol.

5 Dec, 2008

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