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Help with Orchids please!


By Janey

Lincolnshire, England Eng

Hi All, I have 2 Orchids which flowered all summer. I am keeping them by the light and not cold but although there is a bit of new growth, the main large leaves are yellowing and dying. Is there anything I should be doing to keep them healthy during Winter please?

On plant Orchid



Leaves do die sometimes, Janey - when they go brown and dry, just pull them off gently. Are the rest looking green and healthy? Not too much water or roots in water? I think they should be OK.

4 Dec, 2008


Thanks Spritz....I think maybe the roots had been in water a have taken them out of their outer pots. They both look very tired!

4 Dec, 2008


I would add, warm water if you can when you give them a drink.
Do not fertilize to make them dance to your desire. Something is wrong.

Give them a rest. B-1 or Oxygen plus might be added in the winter watering, but be sparing and make sure that you do it in the early day so all moisture can dry before the night.

Come March, you might think of re-potting. It all depends on the species, There are so many! In October, I usually give all of my orchids a pinch of Epson salt in the water.

Saving rain water every now and then is good too. Well water and the above are usually kinder to orchids and cacti than chlorinated city water. Evian to the rescue. :-)

Pleade post the type of orchid and i might be more specific.

5 Dec, 2008


Skyline, you took the words out of my mouth - or key pad should i say lol it really does depend on which type of orchid you have, if you don't know the name can you post a picture please, even if not in flower.

5 Dec, 2008


Hi Skyline and Majeekahead....many thanks for your comments.......they're both the Phaleanopsis type and I've a feeling they've been too cold, they were in the greenhouse since the summer but have got cold and damp during the nights. I've got them both on a windowsill, but our cottage is quite dark in the Winter so light is a problem.

5 Dec, 2008


mmmm, light should'nt be too big a problem, as long as they do get some, they are not keen on full sun anyway, dampness can be a problem though, they do like humidity, but don't like water laying on the base of the leaves, someone else asked about these the other day, save me repeating all the advice, maybe you would'nt mind looking it up on the questions Janey, it was quite recent. As Spritz said i don't think you need to worry about one leaf turning yellow/brown this is quite normal. i grow all of mine in the bathroom, but but some other members have said they don't do well for them in bathrooms and have made other sagestions, there is more detailed advice on that recent question. hope this helps.

5 Dec, 2008


Will do Majhead...thanks once again.

5 Dec, 2008

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