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What is the matter with our miniature hydrangea? We have two, bought at the same time, grown under the exact same conditions, yet one is florishing and the other is not. They both started off life, last autumn, growing in pots on the patio. They shed their leaves in winter and started growing again, looking very much the same. They were fed with an acidic fertilizer, but then in late winter, one started growing much faster than the other. We put them in the border, again in the same conditions. Now, one is twice as big as the other, its leaves half the size and its flowers turning from deep pink to white. Its leaves are also turning deep red. What is the matter? Please help! I want so much to save this poorly hydrangea.



What you're seeing is autumning by the sound of it - the drought earlier on has caused this reaction. If its been chucking it down for the last week or so with you, then it should be okay, but if not, leave the hose trickling at the base for an hour. Unless you're saying you put both in the border and one is fine, the other isn't, and they're proximal?

17 Jun, 2011


I realised in the middle of the night I typed 'proximal' - I meant proximate, i.e., close to one another, sorry...

18 Jun, 2011


What are you like, Bamboo, thinking about spelling in the middle of the night???

18 Jun, 2011


I can't help it, it's not as if I have a choice about it - it's like hearing an alarm bell as you doze off, I've always been the same, even as a kid... infuriating really, but at my age, I'm sure it'll pass fairly soon, lol!

19 Jun, 2011

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