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By Dynger

Norfolk, United Kingdom Gb

I have a newly planted ( bare root ) laurel hedge ( 80plants) which I planted last November. It is growing very well and all looked very healthy until a couple of days ago, 2 of the plants ( not together in the row) suddenly wilted. I couldn't see any superficial evidence - so I dug them up. The roots had grown well and the only problem I could see was thousands of red ants - could this be the problem?
The remaining plants I have also noticed the edges of some of the leaves have been "gnawed" at .
Anyone any ideas for this?



i think you have a red ant nest under your new hedge . they dig loads of tunnels and chambers and if theres plant roots in the way they will bight right threw them . they probably wouldnt of hurt if your plantswere more established .

17 Jun, 2011


My daughters hedge has been decimated by weevils - they nibble the edges of leaves and live in the soil. Do they like laurel I wonder. They can be treated using nematodes watered into the soil.

17 Jun, 2011

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