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is verbascum clementine clematis
is verbascum clementine a clematis



No. Clematis is a nice climber with lovely flowers while verbascum is a tall, upright plant with mostly yellow flowers that can become a weed and is hard to pull out.

17 Jun, 2011


This is a special specific verbascum Wylie which has been bred by the National Collection holders of verbascum. Looks rather lovely

17 Jun, 2011


I see what you mean, but here, I would be afraid of it going on a rampage and everyone would know it was me who got it started. It took me years to get rid of the common type. Colder temps have advantages, even if everyone keeps loosing their cordylines.

17 Jun, 2011


Yes I think with you it would still run riot!

17 Jun, 2011

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