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By Corinne

Hi - it is mid June and my ponsietta is still producing bright red leaves. It is in its 3rd year now and I feel I ought to be pruning it at some stage. It is producing a very sticky sap and green leaves are dropping off. What and when should I do it please?



Is it getting enough sun? It is originally a native of Mexico. Around here we grow them outdoors, and they are planted in the sun. It's with less light in the winter that the red leaves are produced. The sap is normal, but it should have been pruned a couple of months ago.

17 Jun, 2011


Thanks for that. I will prune it now then since you say it should have been done a couple of months ago. It is very leggy now - how far back can I prune it without killing it ?

22 Jun, 2011


Since it is so late, about half, so there are still several leaves. New stems and foliage will sprout where the old ones were.

22 Jun, 2011


many thanks I will give it a go

23 Jun, 2011

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