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Is it true that winter frosts improve the taste of brussel sprouts

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Is it true that winter frosts improve the flavor of brussel sprouts?



~ i have heard that~and definitely parsnips!To get my kids to eat sprouts I always cheated and put a small amount of sugar in the water....worked a treat!

3 Dec, 2008


I really think that they do - and parsnips most definitely!

3 Dec, 2008


Spritz you have beaten me again.
When the temperature drops below 40 degrees F, enzymes take over, turning starches to sugar

3 Dec, 2008


Thanks for the science, Docbob!

3 Dec, 2008


They certainly do from a great sprout lover, I wont touch one otherwise,( Farmers daughter ) not the best of jobs in the freezing cold!! I can assure you.

4 Dec, 2008


But worth it DD2 - especially when par-boiled, then fried in butter with chestnuts. Mmm!

4 Dec, 2008


MMMMmmmmmmmmmm Love Sprouts Maybe il grow some of these along with my Potatoes :)

4 Dec, 2008


Nariz that sounds rather interesting, I like chestnuts, will give that one a go thanks for that.

4 Dec, 2008

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