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Dr.Ruppel Clematus.
I bought one in Lidl store today (£5),very strong and healthy looking,but I bought it because the sign said it was evergreen.
It was much cheaper than seen advertized elsewhere,but I can not see any mention of it being an 'evergreen'
any where else.
Can anyone please advize me ?
Thankyou in advance



Not evergreen. It's deciduous.

16 Jun, 2011


I agree, it's most definately not evergreen, it's a Group 2, 8-10' and a strong grower !

17 Jun, 2011


Thank you for your help. I won't complain to Lidl ,it was only half the price of what it would have cost elsewhere !

17 Jun, 2011


Hi - By coincidence, I have made the same purchase from Lidl at the same bargain price. I was going to also ask the same question - so thanks for the information. My main reason for buying it though is in the hope it is 'tougher' than some others. My front garden is so exposed and windy that I have hopes for Dr Ruppel as the windburn on the other varieties seem to do tremendous damage. All I've got to remember now is the big difference in pruning Dr Ruppel to the other clematis on my arch. I'll have to get more permanent with my labels. I think Lidl will be selling a label maker soon - might give it a try. Thanks to everyone on this site. The wealth of eperience is invaluable.

17 Jun, 2011

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