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Tulip ID please

essex, England Eng

hi does anyone know the variety of this beautiful orange tulip? i can only assume that is one of many bulbs i dug up last year while clearing all of the rubble in my new garden - what a lovely suprise! only thing is i can't find it in any of my books, can anyone help? there are more pic of it on my photo page.




I've looked and looked on the net but cant find anyhting quite it in flower now then? I imagine its a double tulip? (sorry, I'm no tulip expert, as you can probably tell!)

11 Mar, 2008


I've got a double early tulip called Peach Blossom, but I think it might be more pink than orange. The picture on the packet looks quite similar to yours.

11 Mar, 2008


Hi Majeekahead, if this is in flower now it is so early isn't it? We have just one or two varieties breaking into flower too - they get earlier and earlier each year. Fortunately, the rest are a way off yet.

This particular variety is a puzzler - could it be Orange Princess which is classed as a late double and is quite a vivid orange when fully out? Your photo shows the tulip at quite a early stage and almost appears to be a pinky orange, has it developed into a brighter orange by now? If not, then another strong possibility is Peaches & Cream which in our catalogue is described as cream with a pink flush, fragrant, flowering April/May. We have planted a long bed of these for this year's display and from experience they have quite a delicate colour when fully out. Of the two I think your tulip looks more like Peaches & Cream.

11 Mar, 2008


That is just stunning Majeekahead!

11 Mar, 2008


thanks for the saggestions guys - i will look them all up on google and see if i can find a match, and believe it or not it has been out for a couple of weeks! and i have 3 others the same also in flower. i have quite a few different variety tulip which are nowhere near this stage, so must be an early variety - the only other one i have out at mo is 'Scarlette Baby' which i know is an early one. the colouring is as you see in the pic, peachy orange with a flush of lime green. and Littlelar, loved the feature on your garden in gardeners world mag this month! what a lovely surprise when i opened it up, fell straight on the page. your garden looks soooo beautiful in spring, and what an achivement such a large feature on your garden! well done!

12 Mar, 2008


i've looked up the saggestions on google, none of which are quite right and i could'nt find peaches and cream at all - do you have a pic Littlelar? i did find one on a dutch web site that looks a bit like it but it was a pic and name only no info on flowering time ect 'professor rontagen' - does anyone know this varitey and can tell me a bit more about it please?

12 Mar, 2008


Hi Angie, is it a tall or a dwarf variety? there are early doubles out there. It may be worth googling early double tulips and the size - tall or dwarf. I did have a look through some google images last night and I came across something called Count of Leidester. The web link is below'count%20of%20leicester'%2009%20NL%20limmen.jpg

Copy and paste into your web tab and see if it fits your description

12 Mar, 2008


I don't mind what its name is - it's just very pretty!

12 Mar, 2008


That count of leidester site is what I found when trawling the net, too, but when i put the name into google there was nothing. it did look very similar didnt it?! I wonder if its a mis-spelling?

12 Mar, 2008


i can't find this count of leidester site, but i have managed to find another picture of 'orange princess' which littlelar saggested and does look very much like mine now as it is turning brighter orange as it is matures - but again it is a late variety, your the expert littlelar, is it poss it is this variety but just very early? and thanks Spitz - i think so too! i'll take another pic in a couple of days once it opens up a bit and see if is more familar to anyone then, thanks all for your help - it's not the end of the word if i don't get to the bottom of it, but it is bugging me now - it is a tulip i have worked with before, we used them alot up the west end in handties but i just cannot for the life of me remeber the name! anoying! lol and Andrea i would say it is a little bit on the dwaf side but it does look like it should be taller would say that it is currently about 8" maybe if this is a late variety come up early would explane the lack of height? i know that tulips continue to grow even once cut sometimes as much as 2-3 inches we have to undo BQ's and pull them down - but they do need lots of sun to do this.

12 Mar, 2008


I have put the web address in the text to my answer above, I have just copied and pasted it into the web address at the top of the internet browser page and the picture came straight up - not a mis-spelling either according to the picture on the site, I looked under Leicester as well and the same picture came up!

13 Mar, 2008

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