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Potted Up Hawthorn


By Jacque

Norfolk UK, United Kingdom Gb

Now its all Potted & Snug away from Frost how do i get this 2 grow into a Nice Bush ?




Jacque you have got to sing to it every day after breakfast and at bedtime he he jokes, it will be fine, just keep it sheltered

2 Dec, 2008


Hi Jacque,
Don't worry about it, wait until the spring and you will see the bread and cheese (an old Dorset name for it), come through on the branches.

2 Dec, 2008


I had loads of these in my garden when we moved in, i removed them all - with great difficulty i might add, and i am still removing off shoots and seedlings now, they can be lovely in the right place, not trying to put you off, but the thornes are a bit nasty, hense removal operation lol my point is, not hard to get going - much harder to get rid of, and they do spread, so my point is, are you sure you want it? lol

3 Dec, 2008


If I sang 2it Milky/Hubby id Kill It lol But Thanx for all the Info ect :) I Remember My Dear Dad calling this Bread&Cheese DrBob as Our Pony used 2 like eatting it lol :) Dont worry Ang im sure i want it without a Dout thanx for your worry bless u :)

3 Dec, 2008


A. It is called Bread and Cheese because the unopened flower buds are edible and are supposed to taste like said snack. Cannot sya I have noticed the taste, but agree as to the edibility.
B. Do you want a tree or a shrub? If you want a 25 feet tall tree (which is what Hawthorn grows to eventually) then leave it alone and in spring plant it out where you want it to be. If you want a lower growing shrub, then pinch out the tip of the leading stem. This will force the buds lower down the stem to begin to grow.
I agree that they do tend to seed themselves around and they are the very devil to cut when they are a hedge. I have just spent 2 days removing the splinters from my hands, even wearing gauntlets, after cutting part of our front hedge. However, birds love the berries.
Plant it where you do not have to weed underneath too often, that way you avoid the thorns for most of the time.

3 Dec, 2008

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