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Is it as cold with you?


By Scotkat

Angus, Scotland Sco

just back from my Demo -6deg last night -10deg Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr



Hi Skotkat, Its fairly cold here but only -3deg last night but I don't know whereabouts you are. This is N Yorks.

30 Nov, 2008


Hi Kath,
It's 5 deg. in Surrey, but a freezing cold wind, feeling very raw.

30 Nov, 2008


It was 0 degrees this morning and no higher than 4 - 5 all day - feeling colder in the wind, of course! (Somerset)

30 Nov, 2008


As Celandine N Yorks cold enough for

30 Nov, 2008


2nd dec 2008 now.
It's been very cold here for a few days. Very early for this weather. I prefer the milder rain. No snow I'm glad to say.

2 Dec, 2008

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