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Euonymus japonicus 'Microphyllus Albovariegata'...

I had a beautiful specimen of this plant for three years but lost it last winter...yes, it should have been brought inside!

I've tried in vain to get another plant locally and on the Net. Does anyone know of any GC or other selling these? I'm beginning to wonder if I will have to abandon the search! I know Spritzhenry had one in her garden...and it was beautiful too!




Go to website and select Plant Finder. You can then search for nurseries stocking the plant and hopefully find one not too far from you

13 Jun, 2011


Mine was affected by the cold, but it's still alive, just. Have you got a good memory, or did you check up? lol.

13 Jun, 2011


Thank you, Andrew...forgot about that facility!

Yes, Spritz...I remembered yours as it was so similar to mine...beautiful specimen. Did you leave it outside during the winter? I thought mine had survived...but, sadly, no growth. :-((

13 Jun, 2011


Yes, it stayed where it was, Izzie. I had to trim off some dead bits, but I also had to do that to other Euonymus plants!

13 Jun, 2011

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