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How does one propogate a crinodendron hookerianun

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I have a C h and would like to try to propogate it.
How does one do it and at what time of year.
I have tried semi hard wood cutting and seed from the bell without success.

On plant Crinodendron hookerianum



Hi Flashandedna,

Wow, that is one great plant.
Nothing to do now.

This like many other plants can best be propagated by taking half-ripe heel cuttings shoots in July or August. These should not be overly long, 3-4 ", cut off the green tips and plant in a propagating mix. Well drained with perlite, no lime.

These will need a heating cable underneath. You might do this in a Coldframe or in a shaded greenhouse. Surviving cuttings should remain protected over the next winter in a greenhouse.

Not easy! I would love to hear posts from people who have grown them from seed.

26 Nov, 2008


Again, you could do it the amateur way and just put the cuttings in a propagator on even stand them on a cool radiator if you take them late on.


26 Nov, 2008

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