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Can anyone tell me what this plant is and how do you look after it?


By Borders

United Kingdom Gb

I would like to know what you call this plant - we have 2 of them, they are kept inside and are about 4 years old. I would like to know the best way to care for them and whether they should be pruned to help them grow?

Thank you very much




Hi Borders, looks like a Dracaena sanderiana to me, commonly called the 'lucky bamboo', although it is not a bamboo (Phylostachis) it does resemble the sort of bamboo commonly used as garden canes. It may just be a D. marginata but unless you have a very large house I doubt it.

Often grown hydroponically, we know that many Dracaenas can have fluoride problems, and where does most of the fluoride problems come from? Our water... use good clean pure water (rain or de-ionised) try to stay away from tap water. If you're going to use tap water let it sit out over night to allow some of the chlorine to evaporate, it won't remove the fluoride but the chlorine can also damage the plants..

Most of the care recommendations are for changing the water every 3-7 days, so you can see good water is important for these plants to do well.

Next, high salts can burn the leaves of Dracaenas. Most of our salt build ups come from adding fertilizer to the water. You'll also find salts in your tap water. Stay away from fertilizing these plants all together.

The "Lucky Bamboo" does best in good lighting
but not direct sun. Remember it's a novelty plant not a 6 foot specimen and doesn't have the same demands.

When the plant grows too much and you want to take a cutting or cut the cane. Handle it just the way you're currently growing your "Lucky Bamboo". Place the new cutting in a small pot with some rock and keep it moist until roots appear.

Hope this is of some use.


17 Nov, 2008

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