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A( kind) neighbour gave me some SLIMY pond weed which is now choking my small pond i remove it but it returns, what can i do to keep it away?.



Keep ON removing it?

2 Jun, 2011


This is not the sort of pond weed you need! It's called blanket weed!! It will choke everything else. Keep pulling it out and try to get some oxygenating weed and snails, which help to keep the other stuff under control.
Also get some barley straw and stuff a pair of old tights with it and submerge them in the pond. This will help too but it will take time.
Is this a wildlife pond or a fish pond as a high nutrient level will also encourage the growth of blanket weed(from the fish pooh).Sorry to hear you have this problem-been there!

2 Jun, 2011


Thanks, i have emptied and scrubbed the pond out losing plants,beware gifts of weed.

7 Jun, 2011

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