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Feedback: I have 2 patio Roses (about 6 years old) they have been wonderful they are in medium size (Original) pots but this year after bringing them out from the G.House after the winter - one pot has black spot on every leaf now, can I take all off, surely it won't survive that. The second one has quite a few leaf spots on but is trying hard.

I have a NEWish one only 3 months old and tat has a spot or two on only a very few leaves, I have removed some leaves from that, it is struggling, but would appreciate your advice.

I fully endorse the great comments on your site, very informative and helpful. Thank you



Leaves infected with black spot which have fallen to the compost should be removed promptly - black spot is a fungal infection, and will be encouraged by moist, damp, warm conditions with little airflow. The soil itself may become infected in the top layers too, so I'd be inclined to repot them, discarding all the old compost, washing and sterilising their containers, refilling with new compost and planting into that. Spray fortnightly with something like Roseclear or any systemic fungicide which works on black spot.

5 Jun, 2011

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