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flowers from seeds


By Tlm

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My daughter is doing a science experiment with plants and fertilizer. I am trying to come up with a good plant for her to use. I would like to have some kind of perennial or herb that I can then plant in the yard when she is done. She needs to have plants that will grow well from seeds and I would like them to be deer resistant and grow in partial sun. Is there anything you can recommend for this?



There are loads Tim, but the genus that springs to mind is the Salvia (sage). Grows well from seed, likes a bit of shade and there are many that deer don't like. Be careful, there are some that deer love, but if you Google 'deer sage' or even 'sage deer' and do your own bit of research, I am sure you would find one suitable. Most are available at garden centers or on the web.


7 Nov, 2008

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