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what eats my pansy heads?

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song bird again, over the past 2 years whenever i buy pansies or violas, something, destroys the new flowers before they open up, just the top part of the forming bud, which then dosent open ,what is doing this?



Same here, Songbird. I strongly suspect sparrows. I suffer from snails here, but there's no trace of slime and it's only the flowers that are ruined. I am at my wit's end. I bet you are, too. I might try sticks and black cotton round a selected few plants just to see if any flowers will open.

6 Nov, 2008


hi spritz ive also been told that it my be a small bug and that by putting a spray of water with ash from fags may stop this, as i dont smoke not very easy to do. I do have a lot of sparrows in the garden . song bird

7 Nov, 2008


Hi Songbird, I too have this same problem, also with primulas, I don't have Sparrows but many baby snails which I think are the culprits. During the Spring I did use Slug and Snail Pellets, which I am loathe to do, and the flowers were fine, but as the snails slept in the climbers on the walls, I found clematis buds half eaten, as the snails slid across and back and not on the ground where I had sprinkled the pellets!! You could also use beer traps in the garden to drown them. Good luck!

7 Nov, 2008


No, I don't smoke either. I think I might try slug pellets as I do suffer from snails. Thanks for the thoughts.

8 Nov, 2008

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