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horse manure


By Adrian

stroud glos, United Kingdom Gb

I planted a load of stuff about a month ago. Can I apply horse manure in liquid form ( after being soaked and then drained ) to the ground or is it too late for a feed of this kind. I suspect it is but what do you think ?



Depends largely what you planted Adrian. If the plants aren't feeding then you are better mulching with solids, as long as it is old enough, which will sink in slower.

However putting even new manure in water for a few weeks, which seems to calm down the nitrates, and then using the water as a liquid feed, is really great. Done it myself but never this late in the season when the bad weather can leach it away before the plants can dine on it. If you have loads then it won't hurt. But if you are limited in supply then it will help far more to hang on until spring. The manure will be more nitrate free then as well.


3 Nov, 2008

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