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Identify this tree


By Pammy1

United Kingdom

This tree was photographed in May 2008, in Switzerland. Can anyone identify it please



The tree was next to Lake Thun, in the grounds of Schloss Shadeau.
The seed pods are in clusters like bunches of grapes, green and fleshy, but turning brown. There were no leaves on it in May.

3 Nov, 2008


It is hard to see properly. I'm sure I'm totally wrong as the one I saw ( which was quite striking and had leaf on it ) was a Paulownia Tomentosa. What month I saw it I'm not sure but do know it was definitely no later than July. In my book it does say that the flowers are purple with yellow and deeper purple on the inside. It's flowers are upright ( I can't tell for sure in your pic.) and gives a pale brown, woody capsule to 5cm long. Any good?

3 Nov, 2008


Paulownia tomentosa no doubt

3 Nov, 2008


Thank you all, I have looked on google for Paulownia tomentosa and it ticks all the boxes!
I might just try and grow some of the seeds from the drying pods.

3 Nov, 2008


Ours is a rampant grower. We grow it for its leaves - so we don't let it flower. We pollard it back to the main branches every early spring and the leaves grow to 20 inches across. It really is a quick grower

3 Nov, 2008

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