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By Miru

Germany De

hello..i have to finde out what is inside of this fenestraria plant. how is this thing with the sun working,..if somebody can explane me..please..thank you so much:)

On plant Fenestraria




When growing in the wild, the plant grows mostly buried by sand. The transparent tips are usually above the sand and they allow light into the leaves fso it can photosynthesise

2 Nov, 2008


hey.yes ..i know that ..the think is that i'm in the architecture school and we do bioniks,..and i'm studying this plant and trying to understand what is the prosses inside of it. i'ld like to know what is exactly in the leave...what kind of "material" if i can say so there. thank you so much

3 Nov, 2008


Miru - I think you are really on the wrong site to ask this question. We are gardeners and yes, we try to understand our plants, but most of us aren't scientists or learning bionics. Sorry.

Another point is that you should be researching this yourself, not asking other people to do it for you. I make no apology for saying this. I was a teacher and would be concerned to hear that students were asking others to give them information that they should be finding out for themselves - don't you have a library?

3 Nov, 2008

How do I say thanks?

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