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How do I care for my "baby toes"?

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Can I keep my "baby toes" inside? How much light does it need? When should I water it?

On plant Fenestraria rhopalophylla



i had a similar question, ... it depends on which zone you are in, i live in southeast michigan, so in sept. i bring in all my plants, all my succulents are in a south facing window, most are in thier winter rest, but this one is growing, i water it about every 2 weeks, which is at least half what it was getting in the summer, and so far it is doing ok. i would wait till you see signs of almost strain, ex- shriveling "toes" then water.

if it is summer, than i would water when the soil becomes dry- do not waterlog it! i mixed a 1 to 1 ratio of succulent soil with perilite which gives it excellent drainage, along with some clay pot pieces also i cut some screen material to cover my drain holes so i dont lose soil :)

25 Nov, 2008

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