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Malus Red Sentinel hardy?


By Sal1914

West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

I bought one of these bare root trees from Lidl's yesterday..Reduced from £5 to only £2.49! It's just a ball of root and 2 long stems. I have planted it in a sheltered spot. Will it live till spring? are they quite hardy?

On plant Malus



Hi, I've no idea but can't go far wrong for £2.49!
I'm very interested to know if this is praps the tree wch my kids spotted, heavy w fruit, outside the holiday club building during half term last week.
It looks just like an eating apple and is bright red, pinky flesh inside. We brought one home and cut it but were not brave/stupid enough to eat it.

2 Nov, 2008


Malus Red Sentinel is a Crab apple. They are as tough as old boots. If it survives (not got much good opinion of the trees we have seen in Lidl) and grows it will eventually (10 years or so?) make a 20 foot tall tree with a spread of about 10 feet. The fruit is a good size for a crab and a very nice deep red. You can use the fruit to make Crab apple jelly if you like.

2 Nov, 2008


Funny actually as I now recall buying a reduced tree at lidl last year... black something or other and it's now in the compost .. hope I haven't wasted 2.49.... we will see. Just about the size I would be looking for so fingers xxxx'd

2 Nov, 2008

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