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mid glamorgan, United Kingdom Gb

While I was away in Western Super Mare last wkend I bought these little frog self watering ormaments to go into my hanging baskets and pots. They were in a pound shop but I wish id bought more now.
If anyone knows wht im talking about, do they know where I could buy more and what are they called?
Online shops etc



It's WesTON-super-Mare, Cookygirl ;-)
I live near there !

22 May, 2011


I've only ever seen them in pound shops - don't you have a pound shop where you are? Most of our high streets in London now consist of these blasted things, that and charity shops and Lidl, lol!

22 May, 2011


Lol! sorry Louise!

22 May, 2011


a picturewould help ill keep my eyes peeled x .

22 May, 2011


My local garden centre has a similar idea they call self waters CG. I look this up on the net and there are lots of self waterers.

22 May, 2011 have browse thro the net later

22 May, 2011


Cookygirl, i sent you a PM :-)

22 May, 2011


Asda do something similar, in different animals about £2.00

22 May, 2011


ill have to havea look thanx everyone .

23 May, 2011

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