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By Teitu

Argentina Ar

I am planing to turn 1 acre of my garden into a prarie planted with wildflowers. An advice on a good quality Perennial wildflower seeds and/or seller will be apreciated.



look up chiltern or chilturn seeds they have loads of different seeds and if not they mite know someonewho can help .

22 May, 2011


You need to grow a meadow/prairie to suit your envronment, there is lots written on this subject. I found an American book that might be of interest? The American Meadow Garden: Creating a Natural Alternative to the Traditional Lawn by John Greenlee and Saxon Holt. Also the University of Minnesota have worked on Establishing and Maintaining a Prairie Garden in 1997. Before anyone says so! I know Argentina is not in the USA lol. But parts of the climate can be similar?

22 May, 2011


Thank you guys. Books are always of interest so that is already a welcome tip. I will check chiltern and chilturn seeds. I found some web sites like and , they sell seeds by the pound and they offer different types of wildflower mix including some based in geographical location but I was looking for a consumer first hand opinion. Thanks for your time

22 May, 2011


soundssorted mate.

23 May, 2011

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