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By Jessica

hampshire, United Kingdom Gb

red robin shrub has brown blotches some leaves all brown--is there a cure for it



Can you post a photo, Jessica? It might help. If that's not possible can you tell us how many of the leaves are affected and is the shrub looking healthy otherwise? Some of the 'Red Robins' I saw at our local Nursery had brown marks on the leaves and they would not have them on sale if they were diseased.

1 Mar, 2008


I would hope that your nursery would not sell diseased plants spritz, but I know of a national chain of Garden Centres who knowingky sold plants infested with vine weevil and a small nursey that tried to sell me a dead shrub! Buyer beware

1 Mar, 2008


Yes, Andrew, I am also wary of 'chains' but the Nursery I am talking about is family-run and long established. It has an excellent reputation in West Somerset and grows most of its stock. I do trust them. If Jessica can give us some more details I am happy to go in and ask for advice if you or another member is unable to help!

1 Mar, 2008


Hi Jessica. I have the same problem with my Red Robin and posted a question on this site on the 9th of Feb. It's on page 5 with a photo and several answers entitled "Photinia leaf discolouration." I'm hoping it's just winter damage so I'm just keeping an eye on it for the moment. Assuming yours has the same symptoms, maybe that's your problem too.

2 Mar, 2008

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