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A good fine tipped pen for label marking?

Bedfordshire, United Kingdom Gb

Could someone tell me where I can get a good fine tipped black pen for writing on plant labels that doesn't fade. Just had a close shave with pots of daffodils for showing as the labels were virtually blank. Alternatively does anyone have any better ideas for creating a long lasting label that will stand up to all weathers?



Yes indeed - I treated myself to a Brother label printer - it is absolutely wonderful and creates weather proof stick on labels - you stick them on an ordinary plant plastic plant label. I got it off the internet, I think it was the Brother site. Get the 'P-touch GL100' model which is specially for garden labels. I got extra tape reels at the same time to save postage. It was about half the price quoted in Gardening magazines. I buy the narrowest tape and the lettering is quite easy to read. I wish I'd got one years ago, as I have had the same problem as you with fading ink.

1 Mar, 2008


Well I was going to suggest using a pencil instead of ink, but the lable printer idea beats that hands down!

1 Mar, 2008


I use a CD/DVD disc labelling pen.

1 Mar, 2008


Ask for a Brother printer for your birthday, David! It's well worth it!

1 Mar, 2008


I'll look it up, Spritz. Can't I get it for Fathers' Day please? It's a lot sooner!

2 Mar, 2008


I found a permanent marker which writes on CD's is a good idea. I tried pencil last year but some of them faded badly. Also, as a gift I was given some yellow plastic plant labels with stickers to write on and stick on the front of the label, these came with a black marker pen which seemed to work very well indeed. Then, the next time you use the label, just write a new sticker and stick it over the old one. Easy, peasy!

4 Mar, 2008

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