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mombretia care advice

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i was just wondering whats the best way to look after mombretia plants, do you need to cut then down to nothing so they re-grow in the spring or just prune them back a bit? any advice would be much appreciated.



Montbretia, now renamed Croscosmia.from the Iris family & a genus from the grassland of South Africa. Just cut it right down, and remember it is quite a "naughty" plant, for wandering all over your garden. So be careful. If you have Lucifer it is not so bad, but the Orange one is a devil in my garden. I have to constantly "correct' it. Regular division is a "good thing".

28 Oct, 2008


You aren't kidding about 'naughty' Adoons. I ignore my orange ones except to thin them. The red 'Lucifer' I do cut down and nurse a bit though. The orange standard one is like a weed though. Going to try the yellow ones next year.


28 Oct, 2008


The orange ones are definitely thugs! I am always pulling strays out. My friend gave me two small different ones this year. I hope they survive!

28 Oct, 2008


I leave the top growth on until the spring tidy - by then it's pretty rotten and just pulls away from the corms quite easily

28 Oct, 2008


That's exactly what I do, especially as I have clumps on the stream bank, so I wade in with my wellies on and a trug, and heave off armfuls of brown leaves. Henry loves that bit - he joins me in the stream and manages to splash me by gallumphing up and down. :-) It's much quicker to do it in the spring.

28 Oct, 2008


thanks everyone for your fast responses, your advice has been much appreciated.
regards robbie

28 Oct, 2008

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