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By Terrna

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I have a Stella cherry tree which produces quite large quantities of fruit but, every year during the fruiting season, the leaves at the end of each branch curl up tightly and the undersides are covered with tiny black insects. Can someone please tell me what this is and how it can be treated?



Hi Terrna. Black fruit fly or black cherry aphid. I think it is the aphid that is black and if the cherries are black as well then it is coincidence.

2cups vegetable oil 1cup washing up detergent mix in blender for 1minute mix 2 table spoons of this well with a litre of water and spray every few days if there are loads of the sweeeties up to once a fortnight if there aren't.

Actually with the downturn in the weather they will probably disappear for this year anyway but bear this in mind for next season as soon as they appear. or even to stop them appearing.

28 Oct, 2008


Hi Sarraceniac, please may I ask, would this concoction also work on peach trees? Our peach tree's leaves curl up with raised red spots on them in the Spring. Never had a peach yet, but we can live in hope, bit cold here like Yorkshire!

28 Oct, 2008


Hello again Dawnsaunt. No. I think you have peach leaf curl which is a fungus. Spray with Bordeaux Mixture which you should be able to get in any good garden centre or nursery, in January and again in February (i.e. about 5 weeks apart).

I've got a peach as well and the main reason I grow it is so I can say to people - 'I have a peach tree'. They are growable here in hot houses but outside, even with global warming, (i.e. warmer winters) we don't really have the right conditions for peaches outdoors if we are north of Watford. (Or even south in UK). LOL. My apricot is not much better.


28 Oct, 2008


Hi John, thanks for getting back to me and for the advice, you are very knowledgeable! I'll get some Bordeaux Mixture ready for the first application in January (better make a note in my diary). Even if we dont get fruit, the trees are quite attractive, arent they - ours is set against a south facing wall and is quite happy, although fruitless, thanks again. Dawn

29 Oct, 2008

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