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Re potting a well established Rhododendron

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I need to re pot a rhododendron. According to all the information I have read the time to do this is during the growning season.(early spring, summer, early autumn). The plant in question at present has the buds that form the new leaves just breaking thru. The question is ' is it still classed as early autumn in the south of England' or should I wait until spring? Chris (Kent,UK)



Hi Chris! well, the calendar says it's early autumn, but the weather seems to have decided that it is later in the year.

However, I can't see why you shouldn't move your Rhododendron as it is in a pot. It would give it more room and therefore more nutrients, wouldn't it. Root-bound plants are much more difficult to re-pot.

28 Oct, 2008


Spritz we have to stop agreeing. It is getting embarrassing. LoL.


28 Oct, 2008


Why, John? It's great! Makes me feel as if I know something occasionally - (I'm a fraud, really!) lol.

28 Oct, 2008

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