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identification please. It's driving me nuts not knowing the name. Last year, I had a few of these growing amongst some seedlings of Verbascum chiaxii. Can't remember which illusive seed company I got them from. Anyway, I potted all the seedlings up and most of them are in situ in the borders. I topped up the fuchsia pot with old compost and this appeared. It is the same as some growing in the borders of clumps of verbascum.
It is about 3' tall and although not really visible on the photo, the stems are slightly reddish. The flower is like a little bright red bowl with a cap on.

Pict0003 Pict0001



Figwort - another in the wild flower / weed area. I used to have it in my last garden. It just appeared and fitted in as the garden was large and wild-ish

15 May, 2011


cheers Beattie, I think I'll move it to the OM's peat bog and into his field. It's leaves are rather lush at the moment and crowding out a few things.

16 May, 2011


Sounds like a plan 2ndhand! It's not unattractive in a quiet way.
BTW, looking at its distribution map on this website, I note it's not found in the wild in Wales.....
Do you think it might escape, and do you think it matters if it did?

16 May, 2011


No this was in with some seed I bought. Verbascum chiaxii 'album', Half of them were yellow, which I hate anyway. and then there was the figwort. It wasn't in the compost I bought either. It was definately in the seed packet. As I can know where I used the seed and compost etc. I bought it from the 'Secret Seed' company. Mind you half the last purchase of seeds failed.
If I put it in the OM's field, it has no chance of naturalising. We garden differently. I don't like weeds, he can't be bothered to remove them. His 'borders' are things shoved in a field of grasses and weeds. Only real tough thugs survive there.

17 May, 2011

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