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Apricot Trees.

We have an apricot tree that bore fruit last year - enough to make delicious jam, although my wife complained it lacked juice (took a lot of apricots to make a little).

This year, it looks a good developing crop again, but the tree has a big problem - curling leaves (it had them last year and we removed them one by one, as we thought it was a disease, and new shoots did grow).

We read during the winter, that it was not disease, but the effect of rain.

Anybody any ideas? and would you commence removing leaves before they drop off anyway - looks a right mess at the moment, but the fruit looks unaffected so far. (praying no more frost)

Thanks to all my readers



Could it be suffering from peach leaf curl? which affects apricot trees, are the ends of the leaves a reddish colour?, julien.

11 May, 2011


Thanks Julien

I`m sure you are correct, have seen peach leaf curl which is very similar.
Problem is as you say basically red in colour, leaf blisters until often the whole surface is covered and then curls back on itself, completely loses moisture and dies, where the leaf appears in bunches, you can see, even down to the smallest one it is already infected.

12 May, 2011


To bring up to date
Thanks for all the advice
Have pulled off most of the infected leaves, new cleaner ones have grown although there is still an ongoing problem with some of them, but the fruit appears unaffected and we are hopeful for a harvest similar to last year.

3 Jul, 2011

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