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Fox, Holes, and Chilli Powder in the garden.


By Wistful

United Kingdom Gb

I have a new garden...YAY! Thankyou GonY for lots of great ideas. Excellent Site!!!
Question : My new lawn is being pulled up by my resident fox. She's eating the grass which in turn lifts the turf. I've foiled her digging under the compost bin by putting bricks in the GIANT hole she dug round it (thankyou very much for the help), and when she dug again the next night, I sprinkled loads of chilli powder. SUCCESS! No digging. If I sprinkle chilli on the new lawn, will it kill the grass and harm worms etc? What other deterrent is possible. I am happy to have her in the garden as long as she isn't too destructive. Any ideas would be much appresiated. Thankyou.



go get some hair clippings from a hair dressers and put it in old tights or stockings and put it round your garden you dont want the fox on as they are like all animals nervous round us horrible humans . cant say i blame them lol .

11 May, 2011


Hey NP - thanks for that info. Could you tell me Why this works? Also don't really want lots of' tight sausages' all over the lawn. Feel she'll think they are toys and I'll end up with shredded stockings and a hairy lawn! Any views re the chilli powder? Could it cause damage?

PS: 'My' little fox sits outside the back door waiting for some attention, or food! She'll lie on the grass quite happily while I read or hang laundry etc. My little garden is a safe haven for her, amongst the paving and plethora of panic and abuse she gets from other neighbours, and I don't mind her a bit...except her naughty digging! She even likes my dogs, though they don't share her enthusiam, as she teases them, jumping on and off walls, sitting high and watching them, disappearing from one corner only to reappear in another. Such a tease! Think she likes the company. Let me know re chilli powder! Thanks again!

11 May, 2011


wellyou put in discreet places and the reasen it possibly mite work is all them strange human odours of humans in her mind that are all round her . so uou dont have to have them on show .theres always exceptions to rules and it mite not workin your case but its worth a try as its free . you got everything to gane and nothing to lose . it worked for hue fernly wittingstallon river cottage so it is quite prommising . take care and good luck x x .

11 May, 2011


I have found that the chilli flakes -- it includes the seeds and costs 99p a packet--seem to work best as it doesn't dissolve like the powder-- the trough the rabbits used for digging practice (was pretty alpines) has escaped destruction now for a few weeks-- \0/\0/--hurray!

11 May, 2011


Bless you NP - discretion in the borders is fine...on the lawn obviously not! Will give it a go - if it's good enough for HFW it's good enough for me! x

And you Pg...Thanks! Have a MASSIVE bag of whole chillies so wil get to work, chop them up and spread on the lawn.
Need to clarify h/e : Will it kill the grass or the darling aerating worms?

11 May, 2011


I'd do a spot test ---but I also read that you can coat peanuts in chilli to deter squirrels and it doesn't affect birds-- there was a blackbird seemingly happily pecking in the trough this morning....maybe they like spicy food!
trial and error I think Wistful...

11 May, 2011


Don't know how chilli powder affects grass but it damaged some tulips I had in tubs - next year I'll keep it off the leaves. Hard to see how you could keep it off grass leaves though, lol. The flakes sound like a much better bet - good luck.

11 May, 2011


your more than welcome wistfull

12 May, 2011


Excellent suggestion Pg - of course do a spot test! Many thanks for your feedback! Will keep the site posted on my success (she says determinedly!), or at least an ultimate solution.x

Hey Strgm - that's useful.Thanks. A bit like rose feed methinks, which always says not to be placed on stems or leaves. Think your right - flakes as Pg offered is a better bet. Will try the hair option as well.

Will let GonY know.
Thanks to all of you for you help. x

13 May, 2011


you are lucky to have a fox that doesnt scare easy! apart from the damage of course.

i have a small fox family come in my garden, a mother father and one cub. so far they havent done any damage apart from trying to dig up my sweetpeas! and they quite happily drink from the new bird bath!

Alas i just planted out some nictiana seedlings and found this morning that had been squashed where i'm assuming the foxes have laid down or sat down! you should keep a blog on the foxes, i would be interested to see what your fox gets up too!

17 Jun, 2011


id say realy foxesare very clever so like cats learning wear the dogs in gardens are in gardens quickly the fox will probably learn quickly . i think even if it did hurt it which i dont know if it does or doesnt its worth carrying on for a little whiule as the fox will remember to stay out for good . just a theory ofcourse lol .

17 Jun, 2011

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