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my salix is being stripped by the tiniest caterpillars and if I dont get rid of them asap they will eat it completely!



get the hose out and blast it and it will knock them right of or spray with soapy water . failing that go to your local garden centre as they should have something to kill them of .

11 May, 2011


One of the many types of sawflies which attack almost every garden plant going. all you can do is spray with a suitable insecticide and take heart that they do not kill the whole plant only strip the leaves. The tree usually then produces a new lot which are not normally attacked.

11 May, 2011


I'd guess sawfly larvae too - as Owdboggy says, buy a suitable insecticide and spray.

11 May, 2011


My young birch was ravaged by the blighters last year - I attacked them with the powerhose as I didnt want to use insecticide incase the birds ate them.

Hope they don't come back this year :)

11 May, 2011


so basicly what i said lol . your all mind readers lol x . the blast with water is the safest and cheapest .

11 May, 2011


my friend with 50 or so bonsia trees often strips all the first leaves of as the second lot tend to growa lot smaller in keeping with the idea of bonsia . a bit of useless information lol .

11 May, 2011


if you use an insecticide you might kill off some baby birds whose parents are searching rather desperately for food for them because there's not much about in this dry weather.

11 May, 2011


i agree penny farthing so the blast with the hose is the one . i never use many chemicals in my garden if i can help it or in my pond or large tank come to think of it .

12 May, 2011

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