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fungi on garden logs

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I have a white deposit which looks and smells like mushrooms on the ornamental wooden logs in my garden. I have scrapped it out but wondered if anyone knows what I can treat it with to stop it returning.



Without a picture it is hard to tell what sort of fungi it is. Does it really offend you? I think it is just part of autumn. There is however one called honey fungus which will run riot in your garden if left and kill many plants. ( I am sure yours is not it though as true to its name it is honey coloured) There is a chemical you can buy called amillatox (or something like that) you can use but it is very expensive. I would not use it unless it was against an agressive fungii like honeyfungus. If you don't like them I suggest you carry on scraping them off until they give up.

24 Oct, 2008


thanks for that advice will have a go next time in garden bin a bit too cold for me today im late in saying thankyou to members who have helped me not use to my way round the site yet but very grateful all the best maxine

30 Oct, 2008

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