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What direction to face a lean to greenhouse?

Midlothian, United Kingdom Gb

I'd like to grow tomatoes, raspberries and perhaps other fruit and vegetables in a small greenhouse. I don't have much space and it would probably have to be a lean-to style. Could someone let me know what direction is best? Would a south-facing wall be too warm? And I've never grown tomatoes successfully so do you have any advice on which variety might survive a beginner's care? Thanks very much in advance for your help.



I've not heard of anyone growing raspberries in a greenhouse before. As Scotland is where a lot of them are bred, I don't think you'd have any trouble growing them outside (apart from keeping the birds off)

24 Feb, 2008


From what I've managed to read about lean-to greenhouses, it would seem that south-facing is best (i.e. have the wall on the greenhouse's north side). I also don't think that raspberries would last a minute in a greenhouse. Keep the valuable space for something tender. Keep trying with tomatoes; the problem may just be one with technique or care, rather than with variety. Moneymaker, Alicante or Gardener's Delight are the ones I started off with.

24 Feb, 2008


Yep I would agree with David , keep trying , Gardeners Delight are good , my fav at the moment are Minibel they were the only ones that survived for me last year . im growing several plants this year .

24 Feb, 2008


Thanks for the comments everyone - I'll give the tomatoes a try and will keep the raspberries for outside!

24 Feb, 2008


Gardeners delight were great for me last year as well, everyone kept telling me that the varieties they had grown all failed due to the unduly wet weather we had, but gardeners delight shone through!

24 Feb, 2008


I'd confirm to go with south facing, you want is as hot as poss., if it gets too much you can always shade. Two summers ago I had the best crop of toms planted out side against the house wall. They were even the much maligned money maker but I have to say incredibly tasty. Last year was pretty poor for me, I love plum toms for tomato sauces but all of them got blight. Even the greenhouse toms didn't fair well. Gdn Delight are a good fav, I'm growing Shirley (supposedly a better money maker), San Marzano (plum) and Gdn Delight.

Re raspberries - definitely outside! Not sure if you are aware most won't fruit in the 1st year, you will need to get Autumn Bliss if you want some pickings this year.

25 Feb, 2008


I've just remembered seeing something the other weekend at Kellie Castle. Against a south-facing wall was a very small glass "case" about 5' long and 2' deep, with a frontage consisiting entirely of a pair of French style doors. It enclosed a fan trellis trained fruit tree of some kind (the doors were locked and the label too faded to read).
It is probably a peach or apricot, which I think would be too tender to grow in the open here. It supports the south-facing
theory for lean-to greenhouses, however.

25 Feb, 2008

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