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old tree


By Steve

hampshire, United Kingdom

the 'cherry tree' in the r/h border is looking very sick, all the leaves are full of holes, some of the branches are dead and there is sap leaking out of the trunk.
is it dying? is there a cure or do i get it dug out and replant another tree ?
if so what would you suggest, about 3-4 metres high and not to big as space is a little tight here, maybe 2 metre diameter growth . havn't attatched photo as i am doing this at work but photo is in my 'photos'
thanks in advance for your help .......steve



Hi Steve . I fear that tree is on the way out. I should remove it and start again. I have the bare stems of a similar flowering Cherry sticking out of my border. They seem to have a rather short lifespan compared to many. other trees . The rest of your garden looks fabulous. .

20 Oct, 2008


thanks poaannua, at least i have all winter to think about it's replacement!!..............steve

20 Oct, 2008


a weeping cherry or a delicate looking verigated acer tree though this gets taller than you say.maybe something the size you want but not a tree eg banana palm or a nice tree furn.

21 Oct, 2008


weeping silver birch sorry lol

21 Oct, 2008


You will want to dig out the old tree getting as much root as you can. As you are organic, throw wood ash/ soot in the hole. Leave for a week or two, dig over, leave to weather.
Plant a new tree in late winter, (not a cherry, to avoid follow on).
The sap leaking out may be gummosis.

21 Oct, 2008


sorry i didnt mean to say cherry

21 Oct, 2008

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