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Do slugs eat Cyclamen?

United States

Have recently planted some cyclamen, and would like to know if they are at risk of being eaten by slugs and snails.

On plant Cyclamen hederifolium



Hi Maverick, Welcome to GOY, short answer, yes they do.
Put some soot round the cyclamen.

18 Oct, 2008


as it goes i believe in not fighting whats in ya garden or putting any chemicals etc.its a bit trial and error and i have lost a few plants but what i do now is bye plants that slugs and snails live in harmoney with.i got loads of pictures on here of my garden.i hope ive helped.bye for now

18 Oct, 2008


ow and i do lots of research on whatever i do to.its free why not

18 Oct, 2008


We have a very large number of cyclamen of various kinds, self seeding even into the lawn. I cannot say that I have ever seen much damage from snails etc on them. Perhaps a few nibbled leaf edges, but nothing like the damage done to Hostas say. Now if you had asked about vine weevils and cyclamen.....................shudder.

19 Oct, 2008

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