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please help me identify


By Karrren

United Kingdom Gb

my plant appeared in august and has a spiny pod about two inches round. light purple trumpets and serated leaves. it has been suggested that it is a thorn apple, but the pod is deffo not the same




Hi Karrren. Certainly doesn't look like a pod off a Datura. I take it the flowers have finished and you can't post a picture of them but can we get a look at the leaf? Also how tall was the plant? How big are the flowers and leaves?


18 Oct, 2008


hi john ill put another pic in my photos. when i found it the light purple flowers were already dying. they would have been about 1 and a half inches long. i cant get another pic as my friend gave it away to a gardener, who unfortuneatly murdered her. the leaves can just be seen in my other pic, but not clearly. she is beautiful isnt she. i called her diane, and was very upset when my pal gave her away(long story). ill put all the pics of her on. thanks for answering me x

22 Oct, 2008


oh, the whole plant was about 18 to 20ish inches high

22 Oct, 2008


I have done a lot of research on this Karrren (don't worry I won't send you a bill).

I love daturas/brugmansias but I am in no way an expert having tried last year to grow some D. stramonium from seed (and failing) and succeeding this year in growing brugs in various shades.

I find that datura/brugmansia, despite their now being classed as two separate species are still a grey area and new cultivars are coming along all the time.

Many of the new hybrids are actually house plant annuals that do not really interest me for growing purposes so I've never bothered looking at them, including Datura La Fleur Lilac which is described as being ideal for containers and window sills at about 2 feet tall. (I thought they were all large garden plants but, no. GoY is very educational even if you occasionally have to do your own research.) Apparently there are considerable differences between seed pod types as well.

I can't be sure what type you had because of the lack of photographs either from you or from other growers (maybe daturas are camera shy) but my money is on one of the new Datura hybrids. If you still have the pod then dry it off and try growing from seed again. As I suspect that it is an annual you would have to do that every year anyway. I don't think your gardener killed it, it just died after seeding.


23 Oct, 2008

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