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Honey Fungus

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For the first time to my knowledge the garden has been invaded by large circles of brown fungus which have appeared in my lawn but well away from any trees or shrubs. Is it Honey Fungus? and is there anything I should do?




Honey Fungus grows at the base of trees or shrubs, not in the lawn. So you have a different type of fungus. The toadstools/mushrooms won't do any harm if you leave them where they are. They'll soon die off. It's all to do with the wet weather, I think. You could pull them out with gloves on and dispose of them if you think they are unsightly.

If they form 'fairy rings' then they can cause damage to the lawn and you should brush them off before the toadstools open and cast their spores. There is no chemical treatment available. However, your photo doesn't suggest 'fairy rings'!

17 Oct, 2008

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