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palm ( outside )


By Adrian

stroud glos, United Kingdom Gb

Is it ok to keep a palm fleeced up for the next 6 months as I recently transplanted it? The leaves are now hanging low as I have shocked it but don't want to shock it further. I fully appreciate that I may lose the plant anyway. Thanks.



In general Adrian if it is suffering from transplant shock, fleecing it will not do much good. Can you supply a few more details. What is it? Was it outside originally? How big and old is it?


17 Oct, 2008


I'm not sure what it is John. It was what we inherited when we moved into the house about 3 years ago and actually lived in a pot outside and was there for a couple of years. How many years before I don't know.
I then put it in the ground last year and it has done very well. I didn't ever like it in it's new home so decided to give it a move. It stands about 7 feet tall and with the frosts just around the corner I thought it may be a good idea ?

17 Oct, 2008


Can you post a picture? I suspect that it is a Phoenix canariensis. I have several (most people do, it is very popular here). The time to move them is early summer but that advice is a bit late.

If you cant post a picture then can you tell me, is all its height in the fronds (leaves) or has it got a trunk yet? The good news (sort of) is that if it is the ubiquitous P. canariensis then even if you lose the leaves now it may recover with proper care. You will lose 3 or 4 years of growth but if you look after it you will not lose it.

Anyway, let's find out what it is first. A picture would make it much easier so even if it looks horrible then do try to post one.


17 Oct, 2008


Hi to you from Greece,
as palms are a common plant here - or better plants - we do fleece them after transplanting - unless in summer, when we only tie the leaves together to shelter the new leaves emerging from the center from the hot dry winds. Mature and established plants even survive a snowy spell, but cold freezing winds will do them in. So, for winter my course of action would be to fleece it in order to protect the living heart of the plant.
Picture of the palm would definately help..

17 Oct, 2008


I will get a picture to you but it will have to be Monday. cheers.

19 Oct, 2008

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